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“Working with Jamie was my first experience working one on one with a professional dog trainer along with my new Border Collie puppy.  Jamie was open to doing anything I was interested in but also helped guide me in making sure all the basic puppy expectations were being met in order to develop a healthy living space with boundaries and structure as she grew.  Once our puppy was able to achieve the basic commands, Jamie was able to teach advanced commands that I was interested in while at the same time educating me on the importance of understanding the psychological aspect of training as well; not only for my dog but myself as a dog owner. I liked Jamie’s philosophy in how she views training from every aspect, very positive, encouraging, yet focused on the task at hand in what we were working to accomplish and meet my overall goals.  It was a great experience working with Jamie.  She is extremely talented and knowledgeable regarding the dog training field, you can tell she truly loves her job.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for basic training, behavioral corrections,  or an advanced level of dog obedience training, with dogs of all ages; she can do it all!” 


Frosty and Cosmo

"From the first meet and greet, I was highly impressed with Jamie’s level of knowledge as a trainer.  We had a wonderful experience and I love her technique and approach with training our dogs, allowing us to become better dog owners.  After interacting with Jamie, we realized that our family, including two young boys, also needed to be trained to manage our dogs. One of my boys took to her training and became a “Pro” almost instantly, was really cool to watch how effective her techniques are.  I had an idea and understanding of what I wanted to accomplish with the training and Jamie didn’t apply a generic fix-all approach but instead provided personalized methods. She used simple & concise directions that we could all easily follow with confidence and apply every day. I highly recommend Jamie as a dog trainer, she is the best hands down!"

Frosty and Cosmo


From the perspective of Toby, "Toby Robinson here, just wanted to say how happy I am that Jamie Burns helped my Mom Robinson find me my happy home. She was able to observe my qualities and relay that I had no issues in my behavior. And even if I did need training with my new mom Jamie was able to help me out. Fortunately I did all my hard work before hand and now I just get to love and be myself with this Robinson crew. They never had a fur person before and were really glad to have help picking me out. Can you just imagine the trouble they would of had on their own, certainly would of just picked up any ol cute thing not knowing the meaning of a scared tail or aggressive look. Jamie knows all that stuff and certainly helped my mom not make any mistakes for the family. She even told my mom how to help me not be so scared my first nights at this new place. I am so grateful Jamie helped my mom make smart choices we are a really happy family."



"Hello my name is Michelle and Jamie Burns was recommended to me by a mutual friend when I voiced some concerns about my 9 month old Great Dane puppy. He was a good dog but was desperately in need of some manners!  I’ve had giant breeds for over 15 years but he was my first that I just couldn’t train on my own. Jamie helped us learn to walk on a leash nicely instead of pulling my arm off, sit, stay, lay down, walk at my hip and learn to pay attention to me while on leash and off! Everyone who had met Doogan (Dane) could see the massive changes in his behavior in just a few short months. I loved that she helped me train him and didn’t take him and teach him herself. I fully believe if they don’t learn it from their owner they won’t listen when you are home and not training. We met once a week with Jamie and then I continued at home for 10-15 min per day and an hour once a week with Doogan. He is now almost 3 years and is a good listener and has helped show our now 10 mo old Dane, Paisley, what it looks like to be a good pup. We are so incredibly grateful for Jamie’s help and guidance. I highly recommend her service!!!"



"We recently adopted a 3 1/2 year old Bluetick Coon Hound, Buddy. Although he is a really good dog, he did have some behavioral issues that we needed to address. 

Shortly after realizing this, we reached out to Jamie for her evaluation and help addressing some of Buddy's behavior issues. Jamie came to our house and provided a thorough explanation as to why some of these issues may be happening. She then observed how we interacted with Buddy and was able to provide valuable tips and insight to improve how we interacted with him. We were able to see instant improvements after adopting some of these tips, while others require longer term discipline on our end. 

We have now had Buddy for three months, and there is a remarkable difference in his behavior. Jamie's expert insight and guidance was instrumental in correcting these behavior issues so we can enjoy more of what Buddy has to offer. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and professional and we would highly recommend Jamie's services for any dog owner." 
Mindy and Shane 



"As new dog parents, we met with Jamie beforehand to discuss breeds that would be a good fit for our family.  That’s the best thing we did!  She got us off to a great start with our puppy, ‘Gus.’  From basic training and obedience to correcting problem behaviors as they arise, Jamie has worked wonders in only a few training sessions.  She engages my kids in training.  My youngest has really grown in his confidence around the dog."



"Jamie is a fantastic and very knowledgeable dog trainer. I had been having several issues with my dog, Rosie, for quite some time, and Jamie was able to help me understand Rosie's behaviors and gave me the tools to fix them. Jamie helped us tackle such issues from barking incessantly at visitors in our home and pulling while walking on a leash to separation anxiety and having accidents in the house. With each issue, Jamie had multiple tools up her sleeve to tackle the problem at hand and did so with patience and determination. She really helped me build a better relationship with my dog. Now, I understand Rosie's behavior better, I'm more in control, I'm less frustrated, and I enjoy being a dog owner so much more. Jamie was easy to work with, very personable and she really loves what she does."  



"When Jamie first walked through the door and didn’t really engage with Romeo, I was a lil unsure, but after her talking to me and giving me an education on dog behavior, I understood exactly why she did what she did. Jamie was absolutely AMAZING!!!!  Romeo had some one on one training at the pet store, but nothing like this. She made me understand how important it was to be the leader of the “pack” and not him!! 
After our first meeting, Romeo did exactly what she taught us & continues to today. She helped me use a choker properly & understand that using the choker or a pinch collar is not cruel to the dog. Our walks are so much better and I am in control, not him!!
I would recommend Jamie to anyone...she is a fabulous trainer & a great person!!"

Luna and Winston

"Jamie Burns has been a life saver. We’ve worked with 2 other dog trainers and the 3rd time has been the charm! Jamie has helped us with training our dogs from not pulling on the leash when walking to learning how to play quietly together without allowing it to escalate to crazy play ~ and so much more. The thing I truly love is it’s allowed me to regain control of our dogs. She is unique because at the end of each session she takes notes on what techniques were worked on and leaves them with you along with a homework sheet to help reinforce the skills you are working on.  Jamie also is fantastic at making herself available via text or call, which I’ve utilized more than once. It’s one of the best investments we’ve made as a family. It’s been fantastic seeing that she’s helped our dogs become more calm and relaxed in our home."

Roxy and Champ

"We had the pleasure of working with Jamie to assist us in overcoming a few behavioral issues with our Boston Terriers. Her training techniques were quick and efficient!  After her suggestions and just a few practices, the dogs are enjoying relaxing walks without the tendency of becoming anxious. They are more comfortable in the presence of other dogs, and have learned to rely on us for guidance.  As a bonus, I am no longer tripping over them as I prepare dinner. They now understand where their resting spot is and enjoy being amongst us without being in the way. Jamie's techniques were simple, efficient and effective!" 

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"Despite reading the 5 best "how to train your puppy" books, I had despaired of curbing my golden retriever's relentless biting.  Nothing worked.  All I discovered was that the books skim very quickly over the subject, offering inane advice like "Say 'ouch' I'm not playing with you anymore."  Or the even more useless, "Just turn your back on the puppy." (Thereby providing even more parts of the anatomy to sample?)

Then I found Jamie; and in less than a week, she broke the biting habit so conclusively that there has never been a single relapse.  Best of all, Jamie achieved this without punishing my puppy, intimidating him or breaking his spirit.  In short, Jamie has given me the well-mannered, affectionate puppy I longed for.  Her insight into dog behavior, combined with her genuine love of dogs, creates a climate in which the dog flourishes and I am amazed (and grateful) at her ability to foster a strong bond between dog and owner.  Now almost 5 months old, my puppy is a sweet, joyful, mischievous little guy, and I credit Jamie with working magic on a dog that, at one point, I almost returned to the breeder."



"We could not have found a better trainer for our puppy Thunder. Jamie taught us the basic commands and other specific things we wanted to teach our new puppy to follow in our home. We noticed a difference right away with Thunder. I was the one who would try to avoid other walkers and dogs because he would lunge at them. Now we look for walkers and dogs, so we can walk by them confidently (sometimes over confident). Without her help we wouldn't be were we are now with Thunder and he wouldn't be the dog he has become." 



"Jamie was awesome to work with both with our dog and personally with us, the humans! Her calm demeanor and knowledgeable tips were instrumental in us realizing how easy our relationship could be with our dog, while maintaining control as the "alphas" in our home. She came across as truly loving dogs and was very pleasant to have in our home. I liked her style of having the owner work with the dog rather than just her working with the dog because it established the expectation that the owners could have the dog behave for them. I completely recommend her as a trainer to any dog/family!"


Sven and Asher

"Jamie is absolutely amazing with our dogs. Both our dogs are rescues with bad habits, we saw immediate results after the first session. I am confident Jamie can remediate any problem with a dog and their owners."



"Teaching my Lucy to have good manners was a little more difficult than I anticipated. So I was referred to Jamie who offered so many good suggestions. Most notable was the suggestion of special accessories to help Lucy understand what I was asking. The prong collar and the buzzer for the car to keep her from barking at windshield wipers were great! Another idea that has worked well is to use an encouraging tone when voicing a command. I would highly recommend Jamie to help with training. Lucy and I are thankful for her friendly instruction and expertise." 

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"Swimming lessons for Slider! He did so great! Jamie, who owns Sit Spot Stay is amazing!!! After three training sessions and a bunch of practice, Slider walks so much better on a leash, and doesn’t rip my arm off! Lol! She taught us how to get him to stop jumping up, and to stay calm when someone comes to the door. He’s definitely a work in progress."



"Jamie is absolutely amazing!  From puppy nipping, to behavior when guests come to our home, to walking on a leash and so much more, Jamie was incredibly helpful.  Coming to our home and working directly with me and my kids made such a difference.  As first time dog owners, she gave us all the confidence to understand how and why dogs behave the way they do and how to properly train them to get results that make us and the puppy happy."  


"We had a great experience working with Jamie via FaceTime during the pandemic.  She taught us and our two teenage daughters effective techniques for training our 16 week old Labrador Retriever puppy, Alex.  Our daughters had never had experience training a puppy before this, and they took over the majority of Alex's training.  After only three sessions with Jamie, Alex is now almost 100% potty trained and crate trained and can do the basic commands of sit, stay, heel, come.  Her professional guidance on how to best care for him and incorporate him into our family have been invaluable.  Highly recommend!"


"Our 16 pound guy has a BIG personality, but Jamie taught him (and us) how to make sure that *we lead the “pack.” The at-home lessons were great for us due to schedules, and Jamie was so flexible, still coming to us and working outside during the pandemic. The lessons were educational for our whole family, first spending time with Bandit to train him, then with us to make sure we knew exactly what to do after the lessons. I was hesitant about the collars at first, but Jamie both explained and demonstrated how effectively they work and how well he responds to them. She also offered to answer questions at any time after training, she really has our best interests at heart. I highly recommend her!"



Again, we appreciated so much your professionalism, patience, and wisdom as we journeyed together in seeing life the way Bourbon sees it. Your insight gave me the tools and the confidence to tackle behavioral issues head on. Since Bourbon is 65 lbs and tempted by Monon Trail distractions, every tip you gave me has led to safer walking with less worry during exercising them.

Thank you also for the easy communication by text to set up appointments. I have already recommended you to many neighbors here and friends with new puppies, too! You changed our approach and therefore our lives with our sweet giant Irishdoodle!

Ollie and Cocoa

Jamie Burns with Sit Spot, Stay is incredible, works with you in home, and is incredibly patient. Her directions and training makes sense, and easy to incorporate in your day to day.  She helped me with my two Newfoundlands, one of which was horrible on walks, but now walks right by my side and is focused on me, not everyone else, on our walk. Additionally, my female was a jumper when folks came over. Not that she isn’t sweet but not everyone wants 150lbs of dog jumping on them when they arrive. Jamie was amazing and I would highly recommend!!

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